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Room Additions

Room additions

A traditional method of providing heating & cooling to room additions usually involves adding to the existing central system of the original building. Potential problems in doing this include:

1. Added square footage also adds more load on the existing system. Most of these systems are sized for the original building, therefore overloading (if you will) the furnace, air conditioner and central duct system. Some times the furnace and a/c units will be up sized to handle the extra load but the central duct system is either not thought of or because of finished interiors (dry wall) can not be accessed for up sizing also. The results can be very low or no air flow coming out of the new supply registers causing inadequate comfort levels or at the least uneven temperatures throughout the building (hot or cold spots).

2. As often is the case, the room or rooms added are at a different level (higher or lower) than the original building. In the heating room additionseason, because hot air rises, trying to maintain a comfortable temp. in the original part of the structure may cause an uncomfortable higher temp. in the higher level room additions. The same as in the cooling season, because cool air falls, maintaining a comfortable temp. in the original part of the structure may cause an uncomfortable lower temp. in the lower level room additions.

3. Room additions are expensive and heating and cooling them can be expensive as well. Standard central heating & air conditioning systems usually can not be altered with out great expense also.

Mini duct-less split systems are in most cases the best solution compared to the traditional alternatives of providing heating and cooling. They can provide you the customer with the most comfort, reliability and some of the best energy efficiencies available today. Because of this, we have devoted an extreme amount of time and energy towards becoming experts in the design, installation and servicing of this type of equipment. Put simply, we believe this type of system will give you the customer the most *Bang For Your Buck!*

E-mail us or give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any questions and or provide a cost quote for your new room!

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